Why Planning Diva? We make it simple to

collaborate, communicate, celebrate, repeat.

Our solution at Planning Diva




From the moment you hang up

the phone with a potential client

to the close of the event,

Planning Diva keeps you

organized, communication

seamless and visually

appealing to be more

efficient and close

more sales.

CEO Jenny Howard-Maxwell of Planning Diva

Designed to nurture these key relationships and make communication seamless, Planning Diva gives busy planners one place to find answers to their questions instead of waiting on emails from venues and vendors chasing phone calls, and relying on text threads.

Event planner working from a laptop at a desk

We know industry professionals need to seamlessly collaborate and communicate in real-time regarding: layout, scheduling, planning, budgeting, and overall management. We sent out a survey to 100 event planners during our first phase of development. Did you know they use up to twelve different software programs when planning events? TWELVE!

Our mission is to offer intuitive 3D software for event planners, venues, and vendors with one solution in mind: sharing accurate information. Nobody has time to wait for flat pdf layouts, email attachments, old drafts, or duplicate efforts!

Event planner working from a laptop at a desk

Questions regarding dimensions, spacing, and timing can all be answered and viewed within the software on multiple devices so you can plan more events with less hassle!